Selecting the right attorney is critically important. But, which attorney is right for you? You should consider the following when determining which attorney to have by your side.

Our attorneys have nearly 40 years of combined experience in their focused areas of practice. Laufman & Napolitano’s attorneys have been involved in local, regional, and national cases during their careers and have litigated in every venue from administrative agencies through the federal appellate courts.  Laufman & Napolitano has a unique focus in the federal courts routinely assisting clients both in the district court and before the federal courts of appeals.
Laufman & Napolitano attorneys have secured acquittals and collected millions of dollars on behalf of their clients over the years. Our representation is often sought by those most in need and we are honored to receive referrals from other professionals and colleagues looking for assistance with their own clients.  Our attorneys are active in local civic organizations and bar associations, holding leadership positions in many instances.
Laufman & Napolitano attorneys take the time to thoroughly discuss the process with every client to make sure each decision is made with a full understanding of the issues and options available. When the stakes involved could affect your freedom, your livelihood or your reputation, hiring an attorney who makes the time to speak with you personally is of great importance.
Legal representation can be expensive, particularly when matters are grave or complex.  When deciding which attorney to hire, cost is understandably a factor. While our rates are certainly not the lowest in the market, the adage “you get what you pay for,” holds especially true when hiring an attorney. Our attorneys are seasoned legal veterans whose rates are commensurate with their experience and acumen.  Nevertheless, we keep financial realities in mind when discussing rates and fee structures with clients. Laufman & Napolitano also accepts most major credit cards to assist with the often unanticipated expense of legal representation.
Laufman & Napolitano represent individuals throughout southwest Ohio. Our offices are centrally located in Blue Ash, convenient to both Interstate 71 and 75, just off the Ronald Reagan Cross County Highway.  We offer free parking without the hassle of traveling into downtown Cincinnati.